Commissioner of Oaths

Commissioner of Oaths

The Municipality of Centre Hastings can sign documents that need the signature of a Commissioner of Oaths or Commissioner for Taking Affidavits.

The commissioning fee is $20 per document for residents or property owners of Centre Hastings. The fee increases to $25 for other individuals.

You will need to bring valid photo identification. The identification should show your full name, signature, and address.

Please contact us to see if a Commissioner of Oaths is available before you attend our office.

We have four Commissioner of Oaths that can sign documents at their discretion, including but not limited to the following:
  • Travel letters and permissions;
  • Proof of residency;
  • Transfer of vehicle ownership;
  • Pension plan and insurance claim documents;
  • Municipality forms (consent/severance applications, etc.);
  • Other government-related forms
The Commissioner of Oaths will not sign documents related to:
  • Wills, testaments, and estates;
  • Powers of Attorney;
  • Divorce, separation or custody;
  • Real estate;
  • Court documents or any documents related to court proceedings;
  • Any other documents requiring a Notary Public
We do not provide the services of a Notary Public; please contact a lawyer for this service.
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