Animal Services

Animal Control

Centre Hastings requires all dogs to be licensed (see Dog Licenses below). Animal Control Services are provided by the Animal Control Officer.

Contacting the Animal Control Officer:

Dog Licenses

Centre Hastings requires all dogs to be licensed. Licences must be purchased each year per the Animal Control By-Law and Animal Control Policy ENF-001.

The Municipality of Centre Hastings has partnered with DocuPet Inc. to provide an enhanced licensing experience.

You can purchase your dog licence:

  • Online
  • On the phone by calling 1-855-249-1370
  • In person at the Municipal Office
  • By mail to the Docupet:

A yearly (365 day) licence is available at the following rates:

Dog Fee
For one (1) Altered (spayed or neutered) dog $25
For one (1) Unaltered (male or female) dog $35

Centre Hastings requires dog kennel operators to licence their kennels each year. Please fill out the Kennel Licence Form.

Centre Hastings does have an off-leash dog park just off Burnside St.

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Livestock Claim

The Clerk’s Office coordinates claims under the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.

The program provides financial assistance to owners whose livestock, poultry and/or honey bees have been damaged or killed by wildlife.

To make an application under the program, the owner must:
  • Have a valid farm business registration number (FBRN);
  • Have a premises identification (PID) number;
  • Report the injury or kill within 48 hours; and,
  • Preserve the injury/kill site until the Municipal Investigator/Livestock Evaluator has investigated.
Contacting the Municipal Investigator/Livestock Evaluator:
  • Within 48 hours of discovering the injury or kill contact the Municipal Investigator/Livestock Evaluator:
  • Calvin or Ian Stein: 613-921-6344 or 343-645-5648
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