Huntingdon Park



Huntingdon Park

Huntingdon Park is a public park in a picturesque rural setting that has a nearby ball diamond, washrooms, canteen, climbing play structure, swings, and picnic pavilion. It also has a cenotaph adjacent to the park and over recent years a few commemorative trees, benches, and plaques have been installed, with the potential for more to be added.

The updated pathway has a 6 feet wide radius path, allowing easy access around a 336 feet oval-shaped path.

Huntingdon Park is a peaceful and calm park, which makes it the perfect place to read a book, take in the fresh air, or have a picnic!

Huntingdon Park is located at 11379 ON, Highway 62, Madoc, ON K0K 2K0

Come visit Huntingdon Park!

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