Water and Wastewater Department

The Water and Wastewater Division, is a division under the Public Works Department.

The goal of the Water and Wastewater Division is to provide an efficient and effective system of water mains, treatment facilities and appurtenances all in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and Ontario Drinking Water Regulations. This is for the production, treatment and distribution of a safe supply of potable water while striving for the adherence to Provincial regulations and maintaining consumer confidence in the Municipal water supply.

The Water and Wastewater Division includes water main breaks and service repairs, water treatment plant and reservoir maintenance, system integrity, underground locates, disconnects, sampling and water quality monitoring, water meter readings and maintenance, inspections, inquiries and complaints, emergency response, and testing of microbiological and chemical parameters. The Municipality of Centre Hastings contracts the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) to assist in the operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities.

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